Calabrian in every drop

The Consortium

The Consortium for the Protection and Valorization of Calabria IGP Oil was officially established on April 12, 2017, thanks to the will and foresight of some Calabrian olive producers with the aim of enhancing their production.


The Consortium has as its primary objective the protection of the trademark and the good practices associated with it.

Calabrian Oil IGP

The characteristics of the production area constitute a “common heritage” and become an integral part of a given local company.


The spirit of the Consortium is made up of the men and woman who have chosen to be part of it.

The agreement between the Consorzio Tutela e Valorizzazione Olio di Calabria IGP and the Federazione Italiani Cuochi Regione Calabria

which provides for mutual cooperation between the parties in order to disseminate correct information on the consumption of Olio di Calabria IGP and promote its use among members.