Calabrian Oil IGP

Calabrian IGP oil is not only an extra virgin olive oil, but an essential component of any type of diet, because it enhances and revives the flavours of any dish with delicacy and personality. A basic condiment that becomes an expression of the flavours and scents of the land on which it grows and matures.


The characteristics of the production area of Calabria IGP Oil constitute a “common heritage” and become an integral part of a given local company.
The cultivation of olive trees in Calabria can be traced back to ancient times, as understood by the writings of Plinio the Elder in his Naturalis Historia, which confirms the deep and indissoluble roots with the surrounding territory and enhances the specificities and aspects that give Calabrian olive growing undeniable traits of uniqueness.

Subsequently, the arrival of the Basilian monks in Calabria gave a strong impetus to the production of olive oil thanks to their knowledge that spread throughout the territory, laying the foundations for the current Calabrian olive growing.


Today, Olio di Calabria IGP is a food created by passionate producers who for generations have lived and worked in one of the most suitable territories in the world for olive growing and that constitutes a human, historical and food heritage regulated by the Protected Geographical Indication.