Producing extra virgin IGP oil requires absolute rigour and commitment.


The Consortium is at the side of the producers for the realisation of an oil that has high quality standards in all its components, to protect the health of consumers and keep intact those organoleptic characteristics that make Olio di Calabria IGP a unique product.

The Consortium has as its primary objective the protection of the trademark and the good practices associated with it.


Protection means has the implementation of all the necessary safeguard measures in relation to illicit and improper use of the trademark itself and unauthorized labels and words provided on the label that try to confuse the consumer.

This supervisory function protects the brand that identifies the product

and the specific characteristics that represent the territory, the way of doing things and being of a culture made of millennial traditions. The brand becomes certainty and safety for the consumer not only in the purchase, but also from a health and food point of view. In addition, the Consortium carries out the promotion and enhancement of the brand through advertising communication paths and initiatives of an informative and educational nature in order to promote its knowledge and dissemination of the main of Calabria IGP Oil.