What is the right price for extra virgin olive oil? This is one of the main questions that consumers have been asking in recent times. And this is one of the answers that the Oil Consortium of Calabria Igp cannot disregard. Especially in a period of clear growth in the sector and after the many achievements of a momentum of quality and communication that is not secondary.
“Finding the right price for extra virgin olive oil requires expert calculation, studying customers, applying the right increases, training consumers to use your product in a functional way,” they say, for example, from “Teatro Naturale,” which deals with agriculture, food and the environment. “How much do you sell your oil for? After “How much did your olives yield?” is the second most frequently heard question these days. The answer objective is very complex, one would have to devote a long discussion only to the costs of a farm. Simplifying it, let’s say that the cost of oil should be the result of the mathematical calculation of the costs of one’s production plus a desired profit. The calculation of costs is certainly not simple, administrative costs, agricultural costs, marketing costs, management costs, etc.,” they say from the Consortium chaired by Massimino Magliocchi.
Keeping in mind the countless increases this year, it is always all very difficult.Still going back to Teatro Naturale’s authoritative investigation, “The “mood” of the moment is screaming that the GDO’s prices have never been so high (the GDO is the most controlled neighbor right now), the same one that used to sell 70 percent of the oil consumed in Italy and that, within a few months, realizing that replacing extra virgin oil (a flirt product) with seed oil would not be so successful, turned extra virgin oil into a premium product at 13-14 € per liter, creating a new market for itself. Right now there are large portions of the market available. The price cannot be the only discriminator to sell oil even if the historical moment is particular, having one’s own oil with a price very close to the GDO prices could be unpleasant,” emerges the study.
Therefore, for the Consortium, “it is necessary to update the price of oil so as to give dignity to the companies, to remunerate the work so as to incentivize production and not just because the GDO has a high price.” Without subterfuge or, worse, unbalanced prices so as not to lose meters in the market. Quality, on every home, always pays off and pays off.