Catanzaro, November 14, 2023 – The official presentation of the unique label that from now on will be used to identify all bottles of Olio di Calabria IGP was held this morning at the Regional Citadel.
This is an important milestone for the Consortium Olio di Calabria IGP, for the Calabria Region and for all Calabrian olive producers who will benefit significantly from the use of the unique label, a true distinguishing element capable of directing consumers towards quality and the preservation of traditions. This is a crucial breakthrough that will give producers greater competitiveness and strengthen their link with the territory. On the label, in addition to the Protected Geographical Indication mark, there is the logo of the oil of Calabria PGI, characterized by the stylized image of an olive tree, whose trunk is made up of five tracts leading to the five provinces of the region (Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia). A symbol that will make the product easily recognizable and appealing to consumers, while promoting the entire Calabrian territory and highlighting the region’s centuries-old olive-growing tradition.
To formalize this historic event could not miss the president of the Consortium Olio di Calabria IGP, Massimino Magliocchi, who during the presentation reiterated that he had started a small cultural revolution, adding then, “A historic day, which allows us to face this year’s olive oil campaign with a new mood and to present a unique label that will give greater visibility to an exceptional product such as our Calabrian olive oil, with the aim of being received by the consumer as a quality product of which to be 100% sure. In addition, the Igp certification represents the guarantee of consuming a genuine, quality oil that is Calabrian in every drop.”
Representing the institutions was Calabria Region Agriculture Councillor Gianluca Gallo, who stressed the importance of enhancing Calabrian excellence:
“Having a unique label means that we begin to brand our image and give recognition to our quality oil to begin a path of recognition outside the regional borders. The unique label of the Olio di Calabria Igp Consortium will be an indication of a trend that is increasingly focused on the absolute pursuit of quality, the only ambition to be cultivated besides olives.”
The Consortium’s commitment goes to reward the dedication and sacrifice of farmers in offering quality products. Through the protection, promotion and enhancement of the PGI label, the Consortium aims to make known not only nationally, but also internationally, a unique and distinctive product that tells a story, has an origin and follows a tradition; obtaining the unique label is an important step toward achieving these goals.