The Olio di Calabria IGP Consortium is promoting a meeting on cancer prevention on Sunday, April 14, at the Sol Pavilion of the Calabria Region. The appointment is in Verona, during one of the most anticipated Vinitaly events ever. On Sunday, April 14, at 3 p.m., in the pavilion of the Calabria region in the “Sol” pavilion, the Consortium Olio di Calabria IGP promoted the public meeting with experts and important personalities. The topic is more than well-known, fundamental now for the citizens of the World: prevention.
“And extra virgin olive oil can be an ally in cancer prevention, especially when it is part of a balanced, high-quality diet,” anticipates the president of the Calabrian Consortium, Massimino Magliocchi. Along with him, in the talk presented by well-known journalist Claudio Brachino, also the national Lilt, the Italian league against cancer, with the important presence of president Francesco Schittulli. And then the group leader of FdI, MP Marco Cerreto, among the top experts in the field and a member, also, of the Agriculture Committee in the House. Unmissable at the meeting were Arsac President Fulvia Caligiuri and Regional Agriculture Councillor Gianluca Gallo.
The Consortium has been working hard in recent years to make it clear that Calabrian, extra virgin olive oil contains polyphenols, which act as antioxidants. These neutralize free radicals, reducing the risk of cell damage that can lead to cancer formation. “One study associated a 5 percent increase in calories from extra virgin olive oil with a 28 percent reduction in breast cancer risk in women. For optimal benefits, it is important to choose high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin oil should have low acidity and intact organoleptic characteristics,” Magliocchi explains.
Oil of Calabria, therefore, at the center of prevention with an impressive and qualified media campaign.
Prevention starts at the table, per President Magliocchi. “The synergy between Lilt and the Consortium Olio di Calabria IGP wants to emphasize the importance of putting up a united front to protect people’s health, focusing on health and food prevention as the first weapon of defense in the fight against cancer. We are proud to stand alongside LILT in this commitment to the proper dissemination of healthy eating habits, the basis of a healthy lifestyle,” his words, before the event in Verona.
The meeting at the fair is a unique opportunity to introduce the beneficial properties of our green gold to all Italians and at the same time “to contribute to the common goal of a cancer-free future.”
Calabria’s extra virgin olive oil, thanks to its many nutraceutical properties, is a true ally of health. The PGI of Calabria firmly believes in this. And it is ready to tell the story on Sunday at the 28th International Olive Oil Show, in Verona, which promotes Extra Virgin Olive Oil and National and International Table Olives.