In the heart of Emilia-Romagna, the Cibus fair in Parma turned into a showcase of excellence for the Italian agri-food sector, attracting the attention of visitors and professionals from all over the world. Among this year’s prominent exhibitors, the Consorzio Olio di Calabria Igp made its heartfelt presence, bringing with it the intense flavors and age-old traditions of the Calabria region.
The fair, which takes place May 7-10, 2024, offers a unique stage for companies to showcase their innovative and quality products. The Olio di Calabria Igp Consortium, which is known for its extra virgin olive oil with a rich taste and characteristic notes of bitterness and spiciness, has seized this opportunity to enhance its distinctive qualities. This year’s event is particularly significant, as it marks a historic moment for the consortium with the introduction of a single label that aims to give greater visibility and recognition to the product. This strategic move is a step toward establishing Calabrian olive oil as a symbol of quality and excellence on the international scene.
“Participation in Cibus is a testament to the ongoing commitment to innovation and promotion of Calabrian products, which are distinguished by their authenticity and connection to the territory. And the presence of the Consortium Olio di Calabria Igp at Cibus Parma is not only an opportunity to celebrate the Calabrian olive culture, but also a moment of comparison and growth in the broader context of the Italian agri-food industry,” said the president of the Consortium, Massimino Magliocchi, who then met with Arsac commissioner Fulvia Caligiuri and Agriculture department director Giuseppe Iiritano, along with manager Alessandra Celi.
“We are honored to participate in Cibus, an event that represents an important showcase for quality agribusiness and an unmissable opportunity for our Consortium to show the world the excellence of Olio di Calabria Igp. The presence of numerous industry professionals and enthusiasts gives us the opportunity to share our dedication and commitment to the production of an extra virgin olive oil that is an expression authentic expression of the Calabrian territory,” remarked Magliocchi. The meeting with Arsac commissioner Fulvia Caligiuri and the new director of the agriculture department of the Calabria region Giuseppe Iiritano “was a moment of great significance. These interactions reinforce our belief that, working together, we can do a lot to promote the culture and quality of Calabrian oil, not only nationally but also internationally.
The support of institutions is fundamental to our work and to achieving the sector’s growth and development goals. Collaboration with Arsac and the agriculture department allows us to face the challenges of the market more effectively and to continuously improve our processes, from production to marketing,” the concludes.
The Consortium’s participation in Cibus is a step toward enhancing the value of Calabria Igp oil and an opportunity to reaffirm “our commitment to quality and authenticity. We are grateful for these opportunities for dialogue and discussion that help build a brighter future for Calabrian agribusiness.”