Calabria told, in Rome, through its flavors. In ancient Rome, pairings with typical regional productions and welcome guests accompanied a very special event. A success, by the way, also unexpected in terms of participation and sharing.
In the fascinating underground archaeological area of Piazza Navona, preserving intact a part of the Stadium of Domitian, the many guests had the opportunity to taste the fine wines of Enotria, savor the lemon of Rocca Imperiale IGP, the Nougat of Bagnara IGP and the Oil of Calabria IGP. It was an unforgettable evening that allowed everyone to discover the true essence of Calabria through its authentic flavors and traditions.
Particular satisfaction was expressed by the Consorzio dell’Olio di Calabria Igp. The event was attended by the director, Giuseppe Perri, who supported the initiative and, above all, enhanced the promotional efforts that, for some time, Oil of Calabria has been carrying out.
The idea of also symbolically embracing the other Consortia and other Calabrian excellences certainly enriched the Roman initiative and enabled an extraordinary active participation of the protagonists.

“Together, all of us, we can make Calabria emerge with the quality that finally comes out of every single product,” remarked Perri and the protagonists. President Massimino Magliocchi, together with the consortium members, remains convinced that the road of sharing and the ever-increasing focus on a high standard is the most viable one.

The initiative, funded by Feasr- Psr Calabria, 2014-2020, Measure 3- Intervention 3.2.1 is just one of the many steps planned to bring even more awareness, in producers mainly, with respect to the quality that emerges and makes the difference.