Oil Consortium of Calabria Igp in Rome with Minister of Agriculture for “GI” factor
Yet another step forward for the Calabria Igp Oil Consortium. On Wednesday in Rome, at the Cavour Room at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, President Massimino Magliocchi participated in the conference “Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the GI Factor,” an initiative dedicated to the Evo PDO PGI oil supply chain to bring together Protection Consortia and industry operators in order to foster the evolution of Italian Geographical Indication oils.
The program, which included the participation of representatives of the Protection Consortia, including the Consortium Olio di Calabria Igp precisely, and reference organizations as well as the trade press, was closed by the speech of Minister Hon. Francesco Lollobrigida. “We are more than satisfied to have participated in an initiative dedicated to the oil supply chain. Our action, which aims to promote a strategy for the enhancement of the quality olive oil supply chain, which, to date, holds a marginal weight in terms of Igp-certified oil, goes precisely in this direction,” President Magliocchi had this to say on the sidelines of the Roman event. “We sincerely thank the president of Origin Italia Nicola Cesare Baldrighi who organized the conference. Just as important was listening to, as well as actively participating in, the various focuses on sector data. From Maria Chiara Zaganelli – Director General Ismea to all the other presidents of the Consortia in Italy, up to the intervention of the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida with whom, for some time, there have been instruments of participation and common reflections on what, also Calabria, is carrying out in the entire sector,” Magliocchi’s words.

Initiative funded by the EAFRD – PSR Calabria 2014/20220 Measure 3 – Intervention 3.2.1. – Sub-Intervention C