The Municipality of San Vincenzo La Costa and the Oil of Calabria Igp Consortium together for a project with local first grade schools. “Let’s learn about olive oil,” is the leitmotif of the initiative. The event was well attended and featured Thomas Vatrano, agronomist and professional olive oil taster who entertained the children in a sensory journey dedicated to the precious “green gold.” A day dedicated to the enhancement of Calabrian excellence, full of moments of reflection and discussion, in which the “young aspirants” tried their hand at the tasting technique, thus learning the importance in recognizing the positive attributes that an extra virgin olive oil must possess. During the event, the President of the Igp Consortium, Massimino Magliocchi, highlighted the ancient origins of Calabrian olive growing but also the Consortium’s daily commitment to the enhancement of Calabrian cultivars, a precious heritage to be protected.
The event concluded with a “food and wine prize” for all participants, bread and extra virgin olive oil, an ancient but still valid “snack” as a testament to healthy food, which by the way was widely appreciated by all the young participants.
“We are increasingly convinced that the path taken is the right one. Quality and knowledge are the factors that, more than others, affect consumer choices. Even more so with schools and students who, from the very beginning, are beginning to understand the importance of this perspective,” remarked President Magliocchi himself.