At the I.C. of Curinga (CZ), an “Extra virgin olive oil tasting initiation course” was organized involving the students of classes IID, IIC and IIIC of the Acconia Secondary School. The activity, enthusiastically supported by the Headmaster, Dr. Giovanna Bruno, was attended by Dr. Thomas Vatrano, Agronomist and Professional Taster of olive oil and the President of the Consortium IGP Olio di Calabria, Massimino Magliocchi.
The initiative was created by Mathematics and Science Teachers, Rita Orsino and Carolina Rocca, to complement the educational activities related to the study of nutrition. The Mediterranean Diet and the consequent use of extra virgin olive oil represent a topic that plays an important role for our young people who are instead increasingly tempted and charmed by food fads that are not always healthy.
The event was attended by the Municipal Administration, and it was the First Citizen of Curinga, Mayor Elia Pallaria, who kicked off the proceedings, who, after institutional greetings, affirmed how much this topic is in line with the type of territory in which the school is located. Dr. Vatrano, after a masterful lecture on the different Calabrian varieties of olives and the health properties of extra virgin olive oil, guided the students in the sensory analysis of the “green gold” of Calabria. The pupils tried their hand at the tasting technique, learning to recognize the valuable organoleptic aspects of olive oil. During the event, the President of the Igp Consortium stressed the importance of knowledge and protection of the Calabrian cultural heritage and the role of the Mediterranean Diet on the health status of every person, especially olive oil for its nutraceutical components of scientific interest. “The Consortium supported this initiative with great willingness and enthusiasm, being in its program of dissemination and promotion the knowledge and education of the consumption of Evo Olio di Calabria Igp oil from a young age,” remarked Magliocchi.
The event ended with an ancient snack, bread and olive oil enjoyed by all the pupils.