To spread correct information with respect to the characteristics of native Calabrian cultivars and their unique qualities, the Olio di Calabria Igp Consortium has designed and created a beautiful documentary.
How? A number of producers talk about native Calabrian cultivars illustrating their main characteristics, accompanied by everyone’s award-winning champion Giovanni Tocci and president Massimino Magliocchi.
They talk about Ottobratica, Carolea, Dolce di Rossano, Cassanese and Roggianella. Interviewees, on the other hand, are Mimmo Fazari (Olearia San Giorgio), Renato Pata (Olio Pata), Francesco Brogna (Olio Brogna), Pietro Lento (Olio Lento), and Pierfrancesco Conforti (Azienda Agricola San Biase).
Wonderful scenery, places and images accompanied by the comments of the producers and the “workings” of the olive trees. What the cultivars are, how many there are, how and what to choose, what kind of processing and what to expect in the choice, also personal and subjective, of oil.

The testimonial Tocci and President Magliocchi, in closing, telling about eating habits, the Mediterranean diet and the unfailing use of good Olio di Calabria Igp in every step of life, even before the table. The importance of the daily consumption of oil that means “health, well-being and even elasticity of movement,” as in the case of Tocci, Italian pride and Calabrian pride.
“A Calabria that produces treasures like oil and champions like our Giovanni. The combination of health and sport has, moreover, been our leitmotif for a long time. We believe in it and carry on, together with all the producers, our identity and especially the unquestionable quality of the igp oil from our lands,” the message, in the commercial, from President Magliocchi.

To see the documentary on the Consortium’s Youtube channel Link