The Igp oil of Calabria enchants Sanremo. “A Casa Sanremo” a space entirely dedicated to Calabria, within the program “L’Italia in Vetrina,” hosted by Veronica Maya live from the hospitality area of the Festival.
Well, in the cooking show, with chef Pietro Tangari, an ambassador of Calabrian excellence, a special dish was prepared, the “Scrigno d’amore,” a pasta stuffed with peppered sardines from the Ionian Sea, Caciocavallo Silano and Patate della Sila, all seasoned with the extraordinary Olio IGP di Calabria.
“Our Igp oil was tasted, used and above all appreciated by the many guests at Casa Sanremo. Together with the dishes that represented the entire region, encapsulating so many culinary excellences and delicacies, the oil was absolutely the protagonist,” let the president of the Consortium Massimino Magliocchi know.
During the episode, promotional videos designed by Arsac, the ‘Azienda Regionale per lo Sviluppo Agricolo della Calabria, were broadcast, “with images that tell the story of the territory and emphasize the rich regional gastronomic and naturalistic heritage,” Magliocchi added, expressing full satisfaction also with the dinner served at the Roof, which was also entirely dedicated to the flavors of Calabria.
A wonderful promotional showcase with the Igp oil of Calabria that is finding more and more space for visibility and appreciation. For the quality, for the particular taste aspects and for the now established recognition of the distinctive nutraceutical properties of the Calabrian product.